Carina author tips for writing Christmas novels!

Every year my publisher, Carina UK (HarperCollins) releases a lovely number of Christmas novels and novellas, and this year is no different from any other. So, I thought it a good idea to ask some of their writers for tips on how to go about creating a festive story. My own novel, My Big Fat Christmas Wedding was a joy to write and if you want my very own top tips have a look on the lovely Wendy Clarke’s blog, here.



TA Williams author of What Happens At Christmas

Write it in the summer when you think nostalgically of snowy scenes and winter wonderlands, rather than in the winter when it’s freezing cold, grey and soggy.


Buffy Andrews author of The Christmas Violin

It can be tough writing a Christmas story when the holiday is months away. To help get in the mood, create a feeling of Christmas. Listen to Christmas music. Make a cup of cocoa. Put up a small tree or display a few of your favorite ornaments in your writing area.

Jennifer Joyce author of The Mince Pie Mix-Up

To get myself in the festive mood while working on The Mince Pie Mix-Up during the summer, I listened to lots of Christmas music (AccuRadio have a great selection of festive stations year-round) and used a festive mug for my all-important tea.


Jaimie Admans contributing author to Christmas Wish Come True

My tip would be to immerse yourself in Christmas, no matter what time of year you’re writing in! Drag some tinsel out of the attic, burn a festive scented candle, go and bake gingerbread men, find a Christmas playlist on Youtube, and think of all the senses – what Christmas feels, sounds, smells, and tastes like!


snow gif


Darcie Boleyn author of Wish Upon a Christmas Cake 

Play some Christmas tunes, burn some cinnamon candles, look at photographs from Christmases gone by then let the words flow.


Misty Shaw contributing author to Christmas Wish Come True

Remember the Christmas magic from your childhood, how the snow always used to cover the ground.


Annie Lyons author of A Not Quite Perfect Christmas

Watch The Snowman, It’s A Wonderful Life & Love Actually to get those festive emotions (& tears) flowing!


Jenny Oliver author of Four Weddings and a White Christmas 

There’s nothing more fascinating (and unique) than other people’s Xmases – so draw on your own memories and traditions as much as possible when writing festive.


Maxine Morrey author of Winter’s Fairytale¬†

‘Nothing beats Michael Buble’s Christmas album for getting you in the festive mood – even when it’s 30 plus degrees outside!’