A Spa Virgin No More!


I can’t believe that at the grand old age of, ahem, 21 *innocent face* I have just spent my first weekend ever in a spa. Wow. Again please. I’d put that experience on repeat, if the universe allowed me. I haven’t felt so relaxed in months.

We bought a package which included a night in the hotel, dinner and breakfast,  two treatments, plus unlimited use of the pool. After a great meal and chat on the Friday night, I eventually rolled into bed around 1am – after some fun with the pillows that we wanted to take home (sadly, they were too big to smuggle into my overnight bag).


Following a refreshing breakfast of fruit, yogurt and cereal, I headed for my first treatment – a massage. Again a first for me. Admittedly, I was a little wary on entering the dimly lit room with background music playing. I was told to strip to my waist and did this at lightening speed, so as to be lying face down on the bed before the masseuse returned!

Then ooh. Aah. Nice. Oil everywhere. Hands sliding up and down my back and down my arms. It was quite disorientating. I thought the masseuse was standing by my legs, but eventually worked out she was in front of my head and pushing her hands downwards.

It was the most relaxing thirty minutes I’ve had since signing my publishing deal in 2013 and I hope friends and family of mine are reading this because: VOUCHERS PLEASE FOR CHRISTMAS AND BIRTHDAYS HEREON!

A manicure followed. I chose deep purple (the colour, not the music). Cue filing, polishing and a lovely chat. My short stubby nails were transformed into glamorous, plum-coloured talons.

The rest of the day (after an in-house Starbucks and lunch) was spent in the pool and jacuzzi. There was also a sauna and steam room. Fun was had with my lovely friends and daughter. I think we were all sorry to go home.

Heaven. I wish I’d lost my spa virginity a long time ago, but no matter – we’ve already agreed to do it again next year 🙂