Partying and Prizes!

Just two days ago – gosh, is it really that long, already – I went down to London for a day of partying with my romance author friends. In the afternoon was the Love Stories Awards ceremony, held at a very glitzy cocktail bar and I am thrilled – and amazed! – ┬áto say my summer bestseller, Game of Scones, won the Best Romantic Ebook category! I think I shall be taking this sparkly statue to bed with me for several days to come (sorry husband, I know three is a crowd).


The calibre of the other nominees was very high, and what lovely ladies. That is the best thing about these events… getting to put proper, real-life faces to the names of writer, blogger and publishing industry people. And rather challenging it is too, as not everyone looks exactly like their social media photo if they have changed their hair or used an old picture. Yes, cue the embarrassment of someone greeting you like an old friend and it taking you a few moments to work out exactly who they are…

I also embarrassed myself but muddling up the identities of a literary agent and editor and inappropriate hugging was involved! But with the Prosecco flowing, such mistakes are easily forgotten and laughed over.

After the awards ceremony, during which another award-winner, the prolific Jenny Colgan, gave a very funny speech, we headed for the Romantic Novelists Association’s Winter party in a posh venue near the Ritz Hotel. Cue more Prosecco and lots of lovely nibbles – mini pizzas and tarts, scones (appropriately for me!) and a short industry award ceremony, champagne provided courtesy of the brilliant Katie Fforde.

From left to right, here are fab author friends Annie Lyons, Kath McGurl, Holly Martin and Carrie Elks (phew, I got all their names right).

rna party


Towards the end I finished up by putting the world to rights with another writer, in the toilets – where else – before heading off early to catch my train home (needn’t have bothered, it was delayed by an hour!) and I finally got to bed at 2am.

Great day. Both events so well organised. And writer friend John Jackson, as usual, acted as a very polite and lovely version of the paparazzi – well done.

This is the life I dreamed of years ago, when I started writing, and I count my blessings at every event. If you are an aspiring author, don’t give up. It took me several years (*clears throat* being generous there) but if I can start to achieve my goals so can anyone…