Carina Author Writing Tips!


Here are some fabulous writing tips from the great bunch of authors that write for my publisher, CarinaUK HarperCollins. ¬†These wonderful people have offered me plenty of encouragement and support over the last couple of years, so my piece of advice would be don’t write in a vacuum – network with other authors. They’ll get you through the tough times – and send much-needed supplies of virtual chocolate and cocktails ūüôā

  • Kathy Toigo¬†Write the very best book you can. Period. The rest will follow.¬†
  • Lynsey James¬†Never give up. Dreams come true, and so can yours.¬†
  • Jennifer Bohnet¬†You Never Fail until you stop Trying.
  • A L Michael¬†It’s easy to talk about writing a novel- sitting the hell down and writing it is where the magic happens! Less talking about writing, more actual writing!
  • Kathleen McGurl Write the kind of book you most like to read. Don’t try to jump on the next bandwagon – write your own thing and BE the next bandwagon!
  • Kerry Barrett ¬†I had a friend at uni who – if we were flapping about an essay – would say: “Just write it down and hand it in.” That’s become my mantra!¬†
  • Anabelle Bryant¬†Let your writing breathe. Whether you’re perfectly happy with your words, or hitting a wall, walk away and let your manuscript breathe a while.
  • Lillian Kendrick¬† It’s your book and if you don’t love it, no-one else will.
  • Terri Nixon¬† There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there, for everything from plotting to querying. Don’t Panic! Read as much of it as you can/have time for, then make up your own mind.¬†
  • Karen Aldous Think like a writer, feel like a writer, write like a writer – once you believe, the rest will follow…to THE END¬†
  • Raven McAllen Write as you can, not as you think you should¬†
  • London cocktails
  • Ann Troup Read what you love and let it inspire you, but when you write find your own voice – it will set you apart from the rest.¬†
  • Katlyn Duncan Write. Read. Repeat. You will become a better writer when you practice and experience others work.¬†
  • ¬†Molly Ann Wishlade Stop procrastinating then read, write and read some more.