Cream cakes? It must be launch day!

Yesterday saw the release of my latest novel, The New Beginnings Coffee Club. I am over the moon to finally share this story with readers. The early reviews have been fabulous and I’m so grateful readers seem to be *getting* what the story is about – that is second chances, discovering yourself… and, of course, coffee!


So, how did I celebrate my latest book baby’s release? Well, as a homeworker it can be a quiet day, just with the cat for company, and I really appreciated all the support, interest and fun I received from my friends on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They – you – are my party people, between nine and five!

When the kids got home we enjoyed cream cakes – well, it wouldn’t be launch day without those, and I felt fully justified in eating them, having gone for a cycle ride first thing!

Then in the evening, I got all dressed up…

and with my lovely family went out for a fantastic meal, where all sorts were consumed, including a millionaire’s sundae (despite the menu telling me it contained over 1000 calories!) – photos, for foodies, below!

Then we came home and I caught up on social media, grateful and happy for having a job I love. And, of course, there was only one way to finish the day…. đŸ™‚


    • Sam Tonge says:

      Aw, thank you, Carol! It’s a bit Modern Romantic and reminds me of the clothes I used to wear in the 80s!

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