Publication Day in Lockdown

Yesterday saw the publication of my 13th book, The Summer Island Swap!

I loved writing this story, inspired by my son’s volunteering trip to the rainforest. I was mesmerised by his stories and photos of the wonderful animals, the gorgeous setting and the work being done there.

I’m very excited to share this novel but it was strange knowing that the big day would happen under lockdown.

Having said that, I realise I’ve been lucky being digital-first. Unlike authors with more traditional publishers I didn’t have a physical signing or book tour planned. And my blog tour, organised by the brilliant Aria Fiction, will still take place.

I’ve really felt for authors with those events planned, the promotional material bought and then having to cancel – especially debut authors – and I hope they can pick those events up again, later in the year.

Also paperback sales have been affected across the industry. For me it’s meant a delay of a few weeks for that version to come out. Both the paperback and audio versions will be out in June.

However the plus for all authors is that digital sales are doing well, with more people staying at home and needing activities to fill their time.

I’m grateful in many ways that the only real change to the day planned this time was not being able to go out and celebrate in a restaurant last night. However I enjoyed a lovely meal followed by homebaked publication day cake – apple and cinnamon. Although I was so full afterwards, I could only manage this much – the coffee is an Espresso! We’re still getting used to have a coffee  machine, and that did almost  make me feel as if I was eating out!

I felt blessed by all the lovely comments on social media from readers, writers and friends yesterday – they always makes publication super special.

And my amazingly supportive family bought me these gorgeous flowers.


I’m really excited by the first reviews coming in.

and thanks to everyone who has supported this story so far!

Here is the blurb:

Sometimes the best holidays are the ones you least expect…

After a long and turbulent year, Sarah is dreaming of the five-star getaway her sister has booked them on. White sands, cocktails, massages, the Caribbean is calling to them.

But the sisters turn up to tatty beaches, basic wooden shacks, a compost toilet and outdoor cold water showers. It turns out that at the last minute Amy decided a conservation project would be much more fun than a luxury resort.

So now Sarah’s battling mosquitos, trying to stomach fish soup and praying for a swift escape. Life on a desert island though isn’t all doom and gloom. They’re at one with nature, learning about each other and making new friends. And Sarah is distracted by the dishy, yet incredibly moody, island leader she’s sure is hiding a secret.


And if you fancy escaping lockdown for a while, and heading to the Caribbean, here’s the link to purchase!



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