Writers’ Love Affair with Cornwall

Yesterday saw the cover reveal of my new summer novel, Breakfast under a Cornish Sun out 28th July. I can’t wait to share this moving, romantic story of Kate Golightly – a woman whose life must move forwards and who sets of to Cornwall in hope of inspiration. Indeed, it is a very inspiring part of the country for fiction writers, this year no less than any. I’ve been wondering, why it is so appealing as a setting…


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For me…

Firstly, I think it is the rugged nature of the landscape. Unlike other British seaside resorts, such as Bournemouth or Southport. There is an air of danger, with the unruly cliffsides and weather. It has such a thrusting, jagged coastline. And I think this lends itself to my idea of the people – more specifically the men – who might live there. Rugged themselves. Outdoor types. A touch of the wilderness about them. Nature-lovers.  Hmm – just the perfect material for a passionate and romantic hero you might want to get down and dirty with. Ahem!

cornwall boats

Secondly – in contrast to my first point, I think it is the “cosy factor”. The image I have in my head of afternoon tea shops. Scones. Jam. Cornish pasties. Fish and chips. Comforting food and drink like mead or scrumpy. Whereas other seaside resorts fill my mind more with images of arcades and kiss-me-quick hats. Cornwall has retained a strong sense of authenticity and makes me think of beautiful sunsets and views of seals. A British coastline at its best.

Thirdly, with the strong accent and its position in the far South-west, Cornwall almost feels like a separate part of England. This gives it a little bit of the exotic. Ironic for me, because, Cornwall, whilst it is mild, often attracts the heaviest and most frequent downpours and when I was seven it rained constantly during our summer holiday there – we never holidayed in Great Britain again!

Finally, its history. Tales of pirates and smuggling. Castles and more castles. This gives Cornwall an aura of being a place where you can still life live in the raw, without the sophistication of modern technology and rules and regulations. A place where you can have an adventure and might meet a lover who takes you totally by surprise. It certainly takes the life of my new book’s heroine in a new direction.

So if you fancy a moving, romantic read set in this beautiful corner of the world, why not preorder Breakfast under a Cornish Sun Kate Golightly has two weeks to find the Poldark look-alike of her dreams. Will she succeed? How does Cornwall surprise her? Find out this summer!


  1. Sue Blackburn says:

    Aw I loved Cornwall. You’ve described it to a tee Sam. Breakfast at Poldark’s all pre-ordered and can’t wait to read it 🙂 xx

  2. Sarah Thorogood says:

    I’m also working on a novel set in Cornwall, and you have hit it right on the head as to why so many of us are drawn there, thank you!

  3. AJ Petty | Author says:

    I couldn’t agree more with every word! My novel is set half in Cornwall and half in Brighton. Both, have a very special place in my heart.
    Kernow is a magical, magical land!
    Happy wishes ☀

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